Who am I ?

N. Pierre Charrier , PhD, I am studying the ecology and evolution of the tick Ixodes ricinus, using genomic data (Research Gate profile).

If you would like to see some bunch of code I wrote for my research : Github account

Publications resulting from my PhD work:

  • Whole body transcriptomes and new insights into the biology of the tick Ixodes ricinus. N. Pierre Charrier, Marjorie Couton, Maarten J. Voordouw, Olivier Rais, Axelle Durand-Hermouet, Caroline Hervet, Olivier Plantard, Claude Rispe. Parasites & Vectors 2018 11:364 doi: 10.1186/s13071-018-2932-3 bioRXiv
  • A Transcriptome-based phylogenetic study of hard ticks (Ixodidae). N. Pierre Charrier, Axelle Hermouet, Caroline Hervet, Albert Agoulon, Stephen C. Barker, Dieter Heylen, Céline Toty, Karen D. McCoy, Olivier Plantard, and Claude Rispe.. Scientific reports 2019 9(1): 1-13 doi: 10.1038/s41598-019-49641-9

Recent communications: